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Sergio Rodrigues (1927) is an carioca architect and designer. Along with Joaquim Tenreiro and Jose Zanine Caldas, was the pioneer to transform the Brazilian design in industrial design and make it known worldwide. He began his work in the field of architecture in the project of the civic center along with the also architects David Azambuja, Flávio Regis do Nascimento e Olavo redig de Campos.
Had the peak of his carrier in the 50's and 60's. Worked with furniture design according with the modernism, bringing the Brazilian identity to his projects, both in the design and traditional materials ?leather, wood and rattan ?exalting the Brazilian and native culture.
"In fact, in this moment he did coexist the Brazilian-Brazil with the Girl-from-Ipanema, sang later (1962) by Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes in the famous "Girl from Ipanema" (Oscar Niemeyer).
Contemporary of Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa, his furniture was utilized in large scale in the construction of Brazil's capital Brasilia.
"In that time (begin of Brasilia) we didn't have time to think about designing any furniture. We used the furniture from the market, selecting as the Palace wanted. The main designer to whom we selected was Sergio Rodrigues" (Lucio Costa).
His most famous work in the Sheriff's chair (1957), made in leather and wood, with fit and upholstery innovations that inspired works until today. Currently, the Sheriff's Chair joins the Museum of Modern Art of New York collection.
"The piece of furniture is not just the shape, not just the material which is made but also something inside it. It's the piece's spirit. It's the Brazilian spirit. It's the Brazilian furniture" (Sergio Rodrigues).

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