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Tulip Stool
Tulip Stool    Tulip Stool    Tulip Stool    Tulip Stool    Tulip Stool    Tulip Stool   
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Tulip Stool
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Eero Saarinen

Tulip stool Design by Eero Saarinen in 1956. Fiberglass base, upholstery. In his purist approach to design, Finnish-born Eero Saarinen sought out the essential idea and reduced it to the most effective structural solution. He designed the 1956 Tulip chair table stool collection in terms of its setting, rather than a particular shape.

"In any design problem, one should seek the solution in terms of the next largest thing." he said. "If the problem is a chair, then its solution must be found in the way it relates to the room..." In Tulip chair stool table, Saarinen realized his ideal of formal unity: "Every significant piece of furniture has a holistic structure."

Winner of the 1969 Museum of Modern Art Award, the Tulip(chair stool table) is Saarinen's genius solution to clearing up the "slum of legs" that populates the under-carriage of most dining sets.The Saarinen tulip stools are cast fiberglass with a swivel base. There is a painting finish for the black and white stools. Tulip stool is a easy to use and beautiful furniture for everyone. This beautifully designed tulip stool will still be loved for many years.

  • Material: fiberglass +PU

  • Product size: 38*38*45cm

  • seat upholstered with fabric or leather, fiberglass feet

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