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Returnees have set foot on the return of the domestic furniture industry restructuring Road

Since 2007 the international financial crisis, China's furniture export market also will be a hit. Huge decline in demand for overseas orders, foreign anti-dumping policy, RMB appreciation, etc. factors, makes the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and other regions of the large number of enterprises engaged in export business, furniture turned the bow towards the domestic market.Modern Classic Furniture China Furniture Designer Furniture bauhaus Furniture shenzhen Furniture china Furniture suppliers Metal Furniture Leather Furniture Fabric Furniture Wooden Furniture Glass Furniture Fiberglass Furniture Acrylic Furniture Eames Office Furniture Eames Office Chair Artichoke lamp Barcelona Chair Eames Lounge Chair Egg Chair Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table Womb Chair Tulip Table Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa Eames Aluminum Office Chair Swan Chair Knoll Sofa LEM Piston Stool Ball Chair Eames Low Back Softpad Chair Chaise Lounge Chair Saarinen tulip oval dining table Bubble Chair Tulip Chair Eames Style Aluminum Office Chair Eames Softpad High Back Office Chair Le Corbusier LC3 Sofa Barcelona Daybed Corona chair Panton Chair Charles And Ray Eames Office Chair Kubus Sofa Barcelona Bench Eames stool Marshmallow sofa Eileen Gray End Table Basculant Chair LC1 Eames High Back Mesh Office Chair Nelson Platform Bench Eames Side Chair Eames La Chaise Barcelona Coffee Table Eames Low Back Aluminum Office Chair-Mesh Tulip Armchair Wassily Chair Eames plywood dining chair PH Artichoke PH lamp

Fought in the domestic market, exporters

Recently, the suburban home of many warehouse-type stores as consumers in addition to urban areas outside the traditional store shopping new place. The correspondents in the field investigation that, in these warehouse-type stores, exports to domestic sales of furniture brands occupy more than half, many of them on Star Group, the Fubon Green furniture and other large domestic furniture exporters figure.

"We are engaged in furniture exports was nearly three decades, but the financial crisis, overseas sales are down, so the company decided to transition, and in early 2008, officially entered the domestic market", Fortune Green Furniture Co., Ltd. Ningbo Zhu Xinmin, director of planning briefed reporters said, from the 1980s, began to Fubon furniture big lot furniture for the American OEM production, sometimes an order would be sufficient to plant a line busy year. Peak in exports, the group's annual exports even as high as 600 million yuan.

However, the financial crisis hit, making the sharp drop in overseas demand for furniture, furniture Fubon after 2007 compared with 2004 annual exports, compared to 2005, down nearly 70%, which also forced the Fubon furniture had to consider opening up the domestic market. A similar situation with Fubon furniture exports to the domestic enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta area are numerous. Dongguan foreign minister after the American furniture brands such as Alice OEM Jiucheng exports, its domestic market share and now has close to half of overall sales.

In fact, after the financial crisis in the capital, product development, etc. are not the dominant export-oriented furniture industry, especially the lack of independent brands, only engaged in OEM production, corporate profits are more modest, even at a loss the edge of collapse. To domestic sales, has become a necessary way. Office Furniture Eames Office Furniture Eames Office Chair Eames Aluminum Office Chair Eames Low Back Softpad Chair Eames Style Aluminum Office Chair Eames Softpad High Back Office Chair Charles And Ray Eames Office Chair Eames High Back Mesh Office Chair Eames Low Back Aluminum Office Chair-Mesh Eames Management Lounge Chair Eames Aluminum Executive Lounge Chair Eames Soft Pad Group Side Chair Eames Group Aluminum Management Chair Eames Aluminum Group Side Chair Eames Mesh Low Back Office Chair Meda office chair Eames Conference Table Eames Meeting Table Eames Round Table Modern Tables Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table Tulip Table Saarinen tulip oval dining table Eileen Gray End Table Barcelona Coffee Table Eames Wire Base Table Eames Elliptical Table Arne Jacobsen Coffee Table Parabel Table Noguchi Dining Table Le corbusier table LC6 Super-circular Table Oval Tuplip Table Fritzhansen PK61 Glass Table Marcel Breuer Laccio Table Set Le corbusier Coffee Table LC10 Eames Plywood Coffee Table

Emphasis on brand building enterprise restructuring

Since 2009, Beijing home on the market name of "the export to the domestic" banner into the sight of the furniture products is gradually increasing. And fought in the local market for over ten years or even decades of home enterprises, the number of domestic exports to the strategic layout of the furniture industry, the brand began building a positive force.

Store layout and business model, the number of domestic exports to the brand is surprisingly consistent in favor of the creation of a separate store. Dominate the home in Madian, Shibalidian opened a flagship store and other places American business furniture, Asian furniture, vibration, FFDM home, Fu Yi home, "Homebox" actually other brands in North, West Fourth Ring, Wangjing and other places have now body, Fubon Green furniture in Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Taiyuan and other cities set up 45 independent stores.

Tao, vice president of unified international home that the reason for taking independent shops Direct will help ensure that enterprises master product pricing and independent research and development rights.designer furniture Arne Jacobsen Charles and Ray Eames Eero Aarnio Eero Saarinen Florence Knoll Le Corbusier Ludwing Mies Van der Rohe Eileen Gray George Nelson Verner Panton Isamu Noguchi Frank Lloyd Wright Gerrit Thomas Rietveld Harry Bertoia Josef Hoffmann Marcel Breuer Poul Volther Poul Kjaerholm Studio 65 Shin and Tornoko Azumi Anonimo Chesterfield Aristeu Pires

Relative to the construction of the network in terms of marketing, corporate brand building is to be completed overnight, which is the transformation of enterprises exist many short board. Green Furniture Fubon official said, export domestic enterprises to enter the domestic market relatively late time, the influence of the brand through the market and consumers also need feedback to be increased gradually. "Brand image need to rely on products to carry the final analysis, companies must first ensure product quality, combined with consumer demand for appropriate innovation."

Insiders believe that with the market regulation after the shrinking of the total domestic demand, domestic and export companies have joined the fray, the future of the furniture industry competition and the shuffle will be more intense.
Transformation of a way out

Brand to meet the domestic

Many export enterprises in the process of accumulation of long-term export a certain strength, but did not ignore the construction of domestic sales channels, when the export share of the slide, you can export its own brand to products sold in the domestic marked. Now, there are many brands have been successful transition, and its own brand in the country quickly established a chain model.

Brand stands for: Markor, dominate the home, etc.

Import agent furniture brand

Furniture export company's products or brands into the domestic market because short time, lack of awareness, can not show brand. As a result, overseas markets are very understanding of the business through expansion of agency domestic sales of imported brands as a shortcut. Brand positioning, these companies also tend to select agents with high visibility in the international first-line international brands, use their influence to quickly gain market share.

Brand Representative: Fortune Green Furniture (Deputy U.S. high-end furniture Lexington to expand the domestic market)

Development of e-commerce, furniture rental

E-commerce wave hit the industry has long been at home, which export to the domestic enterprises is rapidly growing opportunities. Fu Jianguo, general manager of Nick Love Furniture, due at a younger consumer groups, so the choice of domestic sales through this new channel by the network, and achieved the desired results. At present the brand in addition, Taobao Mall sales, will be stationed in love Bee tide line museum and home rental store in the state to undertake leasing business.

Brand stands for: Nick Love furniture for the domestic brands OEM OEM

Export-oriented furniture industry expertise is not in sales, but its large production scale and efficient production and processing capacity, so when the decline in overseas orders, the company can choose for the local brands sold in China or imported brands such as Ikea, etc. OEM production. The advantage of this model, OEM brand channels better, the market demand for larger, so the transformation of some manufacturing companies can be digested and absorbed.
Transformation because

RMB appreciation: In July 2005, China implemented a currency reform, the RMB exchange rate to market-based floating exchange rate system. Since the reform, the RMB appreciation all the way, not only affects the Chinese furniture in the international market price, but also to export furniture company brings a lot of pressure.

Reduce the export tax rebate rate: July 1, 2007, the Ministry of Finance issued new export tax rebate policy, the export tax rebate rate of furniture down to 9%. Since many companies will export tax rebate as part of their main profit, it will increase the export costs.

Raw material prices

In recent years, furniture products are the main raw material prices rose sharply, wood, oil prices soaring since 2004, resulting in a rise in the cost of export products. The export of furniture sales price does not increase proportionately, so that increasing business costs and profit margin, increase the survival of the furniture export business pressure.

Barriers to trade

Many countries, such as the United States anti-dumping furniture China, Germany, Italy and other EU countries furniture manufacturers also submitted to the European Commission to China upholstered sofas, chairs and other furniture anti-dumping complaints, and because the trade deficit, many countries through raise the quality standard against imports, hindering China's furniture exports.