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Furniture industry will become obsolete the traditional channels of marketing debut three new

With the massive expansion of the store in 2010 to the present, the expansion of the store furniture brand has maintained a low profile to resist even the implied condition that they plan to release leveraging other sources of such pressure, but also take the focus shift their channels steps. The expansion of the store brand more recognized for the eggs in one basket charge of the crisis, but also recognize the brand of store sites where development has always been the fate take control of the store. Of course, the furniture store is now becoming the mainstream of consumer shopping trends, the brand will not hastily out of the store of natural channels. Of a large number of furniture brands, channels transfer is imminent, not only to promote the expansion of the store, a consumer trends is also presented.

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Designers channels - the embodiment of the era of individual consumption

As consumers of home decoration design space requirements is becoming increasingly apparent, their dependence on the designer is growing. Because the individual pursuit, the designer will assume in the home decoration design, selection of the task, many families will be fitting the hands of the powers handed the designer, the designer's idea to trust completely, especially in the material purchase aspects. Of course, the designers as more understanding of the industry, will give consumers more for the idea, let them in the decoration of which detours.

Internet marketing channels - the Internet era

Here that two aspects of network marketing, one is with the network marketing activities, such as online advertising sales, online buy initiation, followed by the traditional e-commerce is the mainstream channels. The end of 2010 China Internet Network Information Center, CNNIC's latest report, the number of Internet users in China reached 420 million, Internet penetration rate reached 31.8%, higher than the global average of 21.9% In 2009 China's online shopping market is close to 250 billion, reaching 248.35 billion up by 93.7 %, with more stable growth rate, by 2013 China's online transaction is expected to exceed 1 trillion.

According to authoritative monthly survey from 2010 to the present 420 million Internet users, 35% of Internet users choose to buy goods online. These data all reflect the huge e-commerce this huge consumer market, opened a home business a huge space for development. The information is clear to the network home business marketing channels will become another huge stage in the future of home building materials sales will be strong pressure to release market.

Independent shop channel - the release of pressure from many stores

The expansion of the store, so much pressure on the furniture industry, rent all the way up, store sales of low cost inputs, which are so furniture companies have to find another way out. Set up their own independent stores has become their only choice, so that the furniture industry through independent stores can be more self-control all aspects of product sales, but can also bring more opportunity.

Director of the Centre of a corporate strategy, said furniture, furniture
enterprises to establish a store, selection bias point where you can, so that cost less. Second, also allow consumers to experience a richer product, because the independent shop area will be relatively large, which is sold by the stores to independent shops a change. There is through online and offline resources, combined with three-dimensional animation technology, with high-definition technology, building a large product database. Through each store a digital screen, allowing customers more products and online experience, this is the digital store concept, which is the furniture industry is exploring a new sales model.

Tradition of the store's sales channels in recent years the choice of who should occupy the dominant position, darling. Because of its poor management failure or survival of the fittest in the competition in numerous stores, but also because of the blind expansion of the burden caused by furniture companies live and choose to transfer the focus of the brand's "shelf" store, and because of the impact of the development of new channels, these objective or subjective factors that led to the store market share continue to shrink. Designer channel Ye Hao, network marketing channel, nor in this stage also to bring a lot of furniture business problems, the saying goes "Success channels, loser channels", how the furniture industry in the channel above the game, we should look forward to!