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There is a new era of marketing know-how of furniture do a good job, Three Grades of problem-solving

With business development experience increasing competition among furniture companies not only stay in the level of a price war, we are looking for a breakthrough way to tap and expand the brand's overall strength, from all levels into the subdivision. Thus, we find that competition in the furniture industry is changing, with the external environment improvement, and overall quality of their own continuous improvement, furniture industry will usher in the beginning focus on product quality, taste and brand features a higher level of development .
Era furniture style to taste .Modern Classic Furniture China Furniture Designer Furniture bauhaus Furniture shenzhen Furniture china Furniture suppliers Metal Furniture Leather Furniture Fabric Furniture Wooden Furniture Glass Furniture Fiberglass Furniture Acrylic Furniture Eames Office Furniture Eames Office Chair Artichoke lamp Barcelona Chair Eames Lounge Chair Egg Chair Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table Womb Chair Tulip Table Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa Eames Aluminum Office Chair Swan Chair Knoll Sofa LEM Piston Stool Ball Chair Eames Low Back Softpad Chair Chaise Lounge Chair Saarinen tulip oval dining table Bubble Chair Tulip Chair Eames Style Aluminum Office Chair Eames Softpad High Back Office Chair Le Corbusier LC3 Sofa Barcelona Daybed Corona chair Panton Chair Charles And Ray Eames Office Chair Kubus Sofa Barcelona Bench Eames stool Marshmallow sofa Eileen Gray End Table Basculant Chair LC1 Eames High Back Mesh Office Chair Nelson Platform Bench Eames Side Chair Eames La Chaise Barcelona Coffee Table Eames Low Back Aluminum Office Chair-Mesh Tulip Armchair Wassily Chair Eames plywood dining chair PH Artichoke PH lamp.

With the concept of people's lives change and improvement of living standards, the requirements of home life more and more taste, at this year's Furniture, small series found that more prominent on the show a few years ago the design of flu pandemic different styles of furniture, emphasize the functional style of the furniture itself into the mainstream this year's furniture market. Reporters found at the show, in addition to the traditional plate, mahogany, European-style furniture show inertia, this functional furniture furniture occupy the mainstream of display area. Such as 'First Class' sofa, sofa seat angle can be adjusted stressed until the lying comfort; the use of adjustable position of cotton, brown, foam and other materials used in conjunction with the mattress, emphasizing the need for users to adjust itself according to hardness contact surface; deformable bed Japanese children, small children do cribs, children can grow up to become more child or children's hangers ....?bed . These new furniture styles are highly functional concerns.
In the real estate market continues to heat up under the influence of a small number of working-class family homes and young people to become the first choice, but it can stop the pursuit of their furniture taste, versatility, small size, can be deformed with small apartment furniture the out. Pocket-style furniture favored the beginning, pocket-sized furniture is furniture miniature version, mostly small, functional and varied, creative and highly personalized, the furniture style small, cute delicate, can be combined and even change the shape, regardless of tea is in the living room, or on the dining room, bedroom, etc., can be both decorative as a separate small pieces, objects can be placed as a practical, very practical and convenient.
Times material to the quality of the furniture
Everyone says that businesses have suffered this year, market competition, the furniture industry categories range, product homogeneity and more obvious; competition is imperfect, and urge enterprises to focus more on research and development, marketing and customer service and other sectors. In a group of industry leaders, driven and supporting integration support, the quality of the furniture industry gradually age to form a unique competitive edge and influence.
Over the years, the pursuit of popular furniture, in addition to style, there is a very important aspect that is material. Many people think that wood furniture is a natural, pollution-free, in fact, this is wrong. Selection of environmentally friendly solid wood furniture, yes, but often the connection between wood glue, wood furniture, paint the surface is often also need to ensure life. Quality practice is the use of ancient furniture, wooden tenon interface structure, and brush the most environmentally friendly varnish or wax. Furniture used in line with national E1 standard plates, and even international level E0, are safe. In addition, there are also many furniture products using natural materials such as rattan, hemp and other preparation of furniture, such as banana leaves and other plants using waste into new materials, are a symbol of the era furniture to quality.
Furniture enterprises to the age of branding
Some people say that the core of investment real estate is location, location, finally lots; then, the core of the brand product marketing, brand, brand eventually. What is the brand? Brand is a force, the brand is a trust, the brand is a value brand is an idea. 'Wine is also afraid of dark alley', how open the market for high-quality products, has become exceedingly large number of issues of concern to most businesses, a growing number of home building materials companies are beginning to realize the importance of brand building. Increased investment in brand building, which is an important measure is to hire celebrity endorsements, and increase visibility.
To Kin-wai, Chien, trimetazidine group represented by brands such as brands, celebrity endorsements, they, the concept of speculation, entertainment marketing and other means, greatly enhance the brand and industry awareness, walking in front of brand building, leading furniture building materials to brand the era.
Business is not just like to take a 'star face', but also between products and enterprises focus on voice of 'kinship'. Allison love to Kitchenware Co., Ltd., for example, they choose to employ Yan Xuejing as the spokesperson, is taking into account she is a military actor, who plays more than rural television show, the audience in the rural areas in the north high-profile, giving the impression that a bit affinity housewife, is conducive to sales.

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