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Compare prices from the U.S. to see Chinese furniture, furnishings industry situation

Compare prices, the two countries has been a hot topic. Recently, the "People's Daily" published "Beijing than New York the price is really high it" article, for example, that Beijing luxury indeed much higher than New York, New York, but public transportation is 10 times in Beijing, Chinese tourists is difficult to fully feel the U.S. price level, the article quickly causing hot. In this regard, Professor Zhou Chunsheng of the Cheung Kong Graduate School Beijing Morning Post reporter, said the two countries by comparing the price level is actually very difficult to draw, even if the comparison should be in clothing, food, shelter, with a comprehensive comparison between the quality of goods.
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Beijing rental income calculated using the price is five times the United States
"China, eating a KFC $ 30, eating out at least $ 100, buy a Levi's400 dollars, buy a car at least 30,000 yuan (Charade); USA, eating a KFC $ 4, eating out, $ 40, buy a Levi ' s20 dollar, up to $ 30,000 to buy a car (BMW) ", which was recently forwarded a being crazy prices on Sino-US comparison of microblogging. In this regard, "Renmin Ribao" in the article that Beijing is indeed the price of luxury goods more expensive than New York, such as the COACH bag price in the United States is only converted into RMB 640-1920 yuan. But the article also pointed out that Beijing Zoo wholesale clothes, shopping less than half the price. The Beijing public transport, labor, intellectual property products and services, and prices much lower than in New York, but people often compare a large number of tourists to buy consumer goods.
In this regard, well-known financial commentators Yufeng Hui from the perspective of income and expenditure calculations: the United States in 2010 per capita income of about $ 50,000, equivalent to 320,000 yuan; Beijing 2010 per capita income of urban residents and 29,073 yuan. New York, the highest price of Nike shoes, 832 yuan, Beijing is 2,000 yuan, compared with per capita annual income: New York 0.26%, 6.9% in Beijing, Beijing, New York's 26.5 times. New York rent a room near CBD minimum of 6,400 yuan, Beijing is 3,000 yuan, compared with per capita annual income: New York is 2%, Beijing 10.3%, Beijing five times in New York.
The highest price in the U.S. furniture accessories, furniture sales integration
In the U.S., the price of furniture is most expensive, and are even more than home appliances. But have to say is that the high price of American furniture and excellent quality are the rare. First American furniture are green products, followed by the United States, almost leisurely classic furniture design, consumer life-time to meet the aesthetic needs. Because of high prices and very impress to the number of chairs, and most of the chairs are not less than $ 100. The problem is at least a family with four chairs, plus $ 500 for the table, there is a small corner of the nearly $ 1,000 investment. The price of the sofa bed and no less, $ 400 can buy a regular mattress, bed frame not less than most $ 600, $ 1,000 or more are common. Living room sofa necessary minimum $ 1,000 more for fabric, leather sofa to $ 3,000. An ordinary dresser $ 600, bedside cabinet $ 200, kitchen cabinet $ 1,000, the lowest $ 260 crib. An ordinary family trying to fill two-bedroom homes, tens of thousands of dollars is not impossible. Fortunately, fairly intense market competition, many young couples are taking advantage of the opportunity to discount a little bit layout of their new home.
Furniture and furnishings zone area is actually one of the many home jewelry samples are directly placed on furniture. Although the district has Xiangla cleaning supplies for sale, but the jewelry district Xiangla is authentic. Many American families are keen to use this sleek, fragrant candles. Xiangla by weight, color $ 15 per pound complex, a simple $ 7. Hard to imagine someone makes $ 50 something burn on the way up, perhaps this is the romantic's the price. Porcelain crafts area expensive than cooking area, a huge bowl $ 50, but also more than $ 100 three-piece porcelain. United States, home accessories, such as vases, paintings and the like are converted into RMB price is high, a small painting even after discount $ 50, because the American pursuits of a high consumption.
Prices of imported furniture, made several times for the high price may not be high quality
Since Leonardo da Vinci furniture "export to the domestic" negative news story since the people's trust in imported furniture and dependence dropped dramatically, and may thus subvert the long accumulation of "Worship" consumer traditions, and return to rational consumption mode. The result is bound to all of our furniture as well as the trend of consumer goods of life have a profound impact.
Da Vinci Furniture "export to the domestic" negative news, at once led the people of the "false foreign devil" in a concentrated "bombing", and thus opened the generations of accumulated "Worship" consumer spending swinging back to the traditional and between the contest. Contest results will be all our furniture as well as the trend of consumer goods of life have a profound impact.
Imports than domestic furniture good furniture where exactly? Beijing Lan Jing Li Yin Bo, general manager of home chain that imports of furniture in the design of the full extent, better, more systematic. Specific classification of European, American, also broken down into English, French, Italian or simple pie. General imports furniture, whether European or American, the product produced is very fine. Especially in Germany, Italy and other European countries, many furniture are ancestral craft, some even for centuries, and the division of labor is very small, such as a table leg, some do only a table leg, on the production of this thing . Finally, the assembly plants concentrated assembly. As for durability, Yin Bo that not all imports of furniture is more durable than the domestic.
Chen said in the book, some countries of the furniture more stringent quality control, the country must be obtained prior to export quality certification. Because of high labor costs abroad, imports of intermediate links and other reasons, the price of imported furniture is generally made several times. Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of furniture everywhere. Coupled with the huge price difference Worship psychological blind consumers, to some unscrupulous businessmen, "dressed in Western jacket" provides an opportunity to deceive consumers.
Houdafenqi era furniture made to enhance the brand image to be
'Da Vinci' events, or to help people return to rational consumption of the vanity. But "foreign goods" to break the myth, ultimately depends on domestic products "to the force."
At present, China's state-owned brand and foreign brands as a whole is still losing the battle. Domestic products are often technologically backward people, performance, poor service and poor negative impression. In particular, all these years, just to the lowest number of domestic enterprises, not for quality, so that cutting corners, or even selling fake goods. From fake liquor to fake drugs, fake milk powder and then, the news business fraud often found in newspapers. Some ways that these fake fake letter "mouse droppings" muddy this pot made in China "porridge." For the "voting with their feet," the consumers, will abandon some of the counterfeit nature of domestic products, select the so-called "foreign brand" the.
The good news is, at present, China's household electrical appliances, furniture, some enterprises have committed to the field of high quality, excellent service, based on the new design, to create a content, a taste of international brands, and won the respect of consumers. "Never too late than never!" With conscience as long as Chinese entrepreneurs do business, the future of domestic products is periods.