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Custom children's furniture needs a large space requirements are also bullish market higher

Last week, Ms Kwok to newspaper readers for help, she saw a pair of children get bigger, faster sister in elementary school. Two children can be great differences in personality and preferences, making the layout of children's room was prepared to make do with what's planned when the soup bubble. Although the limited space at home, two children can live in the same room, but to make them suitable for use, and your favorite furniture, Kwok decided to use custom children's furniture to complete this goal. However, after some time visiting Kwok found that trust in mainstream children almost do not accept custom furniture brand, and let the adults can provide custom made furniture, furniture brands to the child, she not worry. So, professional custom children's furniture brands in the end where to find it?
In this regard, the author in the mainstream of the capital in some of the children's furniture store brands inquiry found that currently, only the majority of children's furniture brand production, refused to custom, such market is blank.
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Custom children's furniture needs call
Two children must be in the same room, parents have to meet their individual needs and preferences of furniture; child's body have special circumstances, different needs, "thoughtful version of" children's furniture; all sorts of weird kids love "creative" and parents want their pictures in the children's home life ... ...
For the younger generation of parents with convenient access to knowledge, the children in terms of speed, security and environmental protection is the most basic conditions for children's furniture, to reflect the degree of personalization and is applicable to their future pursuits. And I visited the market to get the message that Beijing is the brand most children do not accept custom furniture. I actually love my family's North Fourth Ring Road, said the store's sales staff, products are down from a production line, all produced in accordance with the default style, not customized; more like the East Fourth Ring Meikailong store shopping guide also said that he be used to set the value of the design requirements of many consumers, but brands can not do now, only according to the exhibition hall or library selection of furniture styles; Danish brand of imported children's furniture home Lan Jing Li Fu Laisha sales personnel with respect, a custom job they never received.
In this regard, Harry hundred wooden furniture, Pine Castle Kingdom, Xing Xingsuo, Happy Station and other children's furniture brands, said the person responsible, do professional custom children's furniture brands in the country easy to find, this is not enough market demand large are closely related.
Children's furniture by "fine tuning" has been unable to meet the needs of children and parents
Visit, when I want to put forward the idea of ​​a child into the furniture, so the custom product, the more popular shopping guide said, though not pure custom children's furniture that they can do, but there are a group of photos can be displayed in the children inside the acrylic veneer wardrobe, perhaps with custom-dip side. But to want to do photo finishes, an additional cost, four wardrobe cost about $ 500.
Size and color can change, and a variety of cabinets and boxes can be freely combined according to space, wardrobe pattern on the child's photo can be replaced by ... ... a long time, whether consumers or businesses are accustomed to the above "fine tuning" type the variability as a "custom" and bored. Today, however, for there is a genuine individual needs of children and parents, this "fine tuning" has long been unable to meet market needs.
However, Liu Yang, deputy general manager of Plaza, outside the city is also home sincere respect, the child's preferences more difficult to digest, and sometimes come and go, these practical problems also contribute to some parents abandon their children, "custom" furniture, and then purchase the product line one of the main. Liu Yang believes that mass production and custom furniture, children furniture, children are not in conflict, high-volume short period of time will be a large market share, and customized children's furniture, although the brands are not much, but, or a future trend.
Children's furniture design and manufacture of a higher standard, not just looking for factory-made
Custom furniture for adults growing in maturity, more and more professional, since children do not provide custom furniture brand, it can help to adult furniture at it? When many parents are children's furniture brand "off the custom door", the market had been fighting in the production of adult-oriented furniture brand idea. As for the children so that no professional experience in furniture design and production of furniture manufacturers do this to children, some in the industry have something to say.
Adult furniture brands have sufficient production capacity of professional children's furniture, furniture design director Yang Wenqiang said hundred, if not over the production background of children's furniture, production processes will indeed be a problem. Because the smooth curved corners create security require special production tools, decorative finish higher environmental factors also need to use the product, handles and hardware details such as how practical and safe but must think in advance.
And to customize based flying furniture, general manager Zhou Kaijun also known as the United States, although children with custom furniture design and production experience, but if it is for the 10 children under the age of furniture, they still recommended that parents seek professional children's furniture brands more insurance. In addition, the children used to climb on the bed or the products, often do not accept the custom to fly the United States, because they require repeated daily load of furniture making is in place, difficult to grasp.
Found that: children furniture, lack of "intimate custom design"
Children's furniture "intimate original design" when we can be taken seriously? Chinese furniture original design was the lack of mature discussion outside the industry for many years, and gradually be taken seriously, some improvement. However, everyone concerned about the adult furniture, original issue, while ignoring the more professional original design of children's furniture industry is copying large. Chen, chairman of hundred furniture too, said Chinese children in height, weight, preferences and living habits are very different with the foreign child, therefore, the use of foreign children's furniture products for the production model, often resulting in their use of convenience and not unpleasant. In fact, more children than adults urgently need a dedicated professional and considerate of the furniture design, at this point, I hope to improve children's furniture manufacturers are timely.
Children's furniture whether "human engineering", there is no standard check
Ergonomic, and child health benefit claims, is the most recommended brand of youth furniture language, but these are ergonomic furniture really do? Zhang dense hundred furniture designer, said the current state of children's furniture features, quality and environmental protection there is no specific test standard, all the national standard for adult furniture as barriers to entry. This represents the market of many children's furniture products are ergonomic problem, but there is no standard, no say in the professional sector.
Notes: adult furniture brand, do not just embrace the family on children's furniture
In order not to damage the guests, and some adults, regardless of whether they have the brand of furniture design and manufacturing capabilities improve, it will be "custom children's furniture," the football family on the upper body. However, after careful I understand that, although the production of children's furniture does not require too much special equipment, but to do this thing, but also a technology live. Children's furniture is not only a heart the size of standard, pre-design of the security details must be in place, the most important environmental factor is better than adult furniture. Therefore, I recommend that no child furniture production experience most manufacturers, if this category is not in line, the best job Do not embrace the upper body, buried to avoid security risks.