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Furniture market analysis: low-carbon and high-end furniture or popular

China's furniture industry is currently low proportion of independent brands, profits weak single product, and raw materials, labor resources, including the rising cost of various types of integrated, many companies feel pressure. But so far, home furniture, purchasing power has not yet saturated, new homes and the transformation of rigid dress very strong demand. Nine are building network Xiaobian visited the market found that many agents have furniture to brands that will enhance the company's future profitability and enhance their own key.
From the furniture industry survive the current situation is not difficult to find, External and internal environment, so that industries and enterprises really hard to breathe. Internally, the domestic real estate market, stringent control policies; outside, wave after wave of "anti-dumping" investigation, so that the furniture industry faces a vast international market and do nothing.
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Construction of new affordable housing market
With the implementation of national policy, have opened around the protection of housing construction, resulting in demand for furniture, to promote the replacement of the furniture industry, to capture significant market share. By consumer groups concerned about affordable housing needs characteristics, development needs of the furniture industry for its products, for the upstream rigid requirements of leading enterprises and small furniture industry, the company is undoubtedly good news.
Low-end furniture industry market space
It is understood that the furniture business in 23 markets, demand is still huge room for development, most companies do not have to do this through the market completely. Step by step in the new rural development and urban construction, driven by new buildings in rural areas increased, making the rural market demand for the furniture industry is also increasing demand for product quality is also improved.
High-end furniture industry trends are emerging
Although significantly less access to China's furniture industry design awards, but to explore the development. With the population of China ushered in the peak, driven by consumer preferences will appear in the furniture industry growth with the brand, high-end features such as upgraded with the robust growth momentum. Resulting in a higher value to the furniture industry chain transfer.
In the global competitive environment, in order to obtain a favorable competitive position and enhance competitiveness, the concept of positive change in the furniture industry, establish a brand image has become a development trend of transformation.
Insist on combining practicality and artistic design brand model
The practicality of the furniture is timeless fashion. With their own clothing room shape, considering the pool, stove, refrigerator, microwave oven, sterilization container and other commonly used electrical and functional pieces of clothing room location, reasonable arrangements designed wardrobe structure, combining it with art, meet the owner's lifestyle and aesthetic taste.
Adhere to clothing room hardcover consumer brand model
For now, the future of clothing electrical integration has become a major trend, with the overall development of furniture design was diversified, high-technological applications, microwave, cooker, dishwasher, sterilizer and other equipment being no longer embedded in wardrobe further difficulties. Furniture is a modern design and consumer based on the concept. In other words, in addition to the overall facilities and modern design, the different from the traditional consumer attitudes and habits is the furniture industry to develop a "nutrient."
Adhere to environmentally friendly business philosophy and brand model
Environmentally friendly products is the market mainstream, brand-name products that consumers first. It is not simply the requirements of the furniture is functional, especially for decorative aesthetic needs, Akira is more individual needs. With the domestic economic development, people's life has undergone a fundamental change, people are bound to need to move furniture health, environmental protection, brand direction. Thus, environmental protection, energy saving, green products will be the future of the furniture market consumption trends, the furniture industry will also create a brand is a favorable opportunity.