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The Ninth Chinese rosewood furniture fair held in Zhongshan Thursday

Came 19 days on March 15th," through the ancient and modern, leading fashion" as the theme of the 2012 China ( Zhongshan) mahogany furniture culture Expo and the ninth classical Chinese rosewood furniture fair will be held in Guangdong Province Zhongshan Expo Center is held ceremoniously, come from the whole nation and Guangdong Province of many 60 famous Redwood enterprises to exhibitors, aimed at further by strong pillar industry, strong brand and professional market action, will China ( Zhongshan Tai Chung ) mahogany furniture culture into the most professional, the most authoritative mahogany furniture cultural festival.

According to Zhongshan City Mayor Ge Wen Wei Tai Chung Town, Zhongshan rosewood furniture originated in the last century 70's, has now developed into the nation, and has a higher visibility of the characteristics of industrial clusters, but also in Zhongshan City, three villages and towns in Shaxi Tai Chung Town, an important pillar industry in the Town, including the town as the country's largest production base of rosewood furniture, is the Chinese rosewood furniture production professional town and" Chinese mahogany carving art village". The Zhongshan Redwood Furniture Fair then to the majority of the business community, the exhibitors, buyers and consumers to provide quality service and exchange platform, transfer mahogany culture connotation, pay attention to mahogany furniture, technology innovation and brand management, to further enhance Zhongshan mahogany furniture added value, visibility, build Chinese rosewood furniture "Zhongshan card", promote the Zhongshan rosewood furniture industry to strive for further improvement. Only in 2011, Zhongshan City, Tai Chung town realizes area total output value 3658000000 yuan, grow 13.40% compared to the same period, in which the tertiary industry added value of 1255000000 yuan, grow 18.50%, the region accounted for 34.30% of GDP, household per capita GDP 125100 yuan, gross value of industrial output 8928000000 yuan, grow 16.20%, wherein, the mahogany furniture production value is 1982910000 yuan, dimensions above enterprise production value 7304000000 yuan, grow 18.40%; China's tax revenue is 510000000 yuan, grew 22.1%, total investment in fixed assets 1069000000 yuan, grew 21.35%, total retail sales of social consumer goods 1154000000 yuan, grow 17.57%.

At the same time, the fair will also launch a series of economic, cultural activities. And the release of the mahogany industry dealers survey paper, mahogany furniture dealer alliance held ceremony, the 2011 Annual National mahogany furniture dealers 50 award ceremony and Guangdong Province mahogany chamber opens ceremony and Redwood sign release ceremony, enacted 2012 China ( Zhongshan) mahogany furniture culture exhibition booth design award, the traditional process, product innovation award, gold award artistic innovation award, most collectors value award of mahogany furniture and wood carvings Genyi product awards.