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Furniture enterprises how to control logistics

One is to choose the conditions of the third party logistics providers. Logistics must have management organizations, business of Zhang Li and has the legal personality of the person in charge, in order to make with the dealer or distribution center (see below ) entered into a contract logistics services; from the distribution center to receive the goods, i.e., issues its own logistics service of documents to prove that the contract, execute and goods receiving and start the goods must be responsible for; to full service of goods lost, damage and delayed transport, therefore must have business liquidity required and sufficient ability to pay; logistics service provider must be able to bear the logistics service contract and warehousing, transportation, handling, installation and other services related to the content of responsibility, and to ensure the furniture to logistics service documents specified in the consignee, namely the end customer. Therefore must choose has adapted to the requirements of the contract, can assume the responsibility of technical ability of the third party logistics.

Two is the establishment of distribution center. Distribution center generally by the furniture store and logistics service providers together, wherein the furniture store staff responsible for logistics service activities to carry out supervision, management, coordination and dealers; logistics service providers of specific operations, and its operational behavior to bear the consequences, both common in distribution center staff name.

Three is to do an important link in the service work. The purchase of furniture and furniture store customers are basically in the same city, distribution center not only for the dealer to provide delivery services, and distribution, so that the dealer through the distribution center to establish information exchange platform, and through improving the vehicle loading rate reduces the dealers in the logistics cost; for the dealer to provide warehousing services, and through computer network system realization of on-line query inventory information, so that dealers timely understanding of sales, inventory situation; for the dealer to provide procurement logistics services, from the source to the dealer to save logistics cost, and make it really liberated from logistics.

Handling, installation of furniture 's influence, and logistics operations personnel on behalf of the corporate image, so the distribution center to be equipped with high-quality professional Porter, installation teams, and for their pre post training and ideological and moral education, regular assessment, competition, distribution center of all workers must strictly abide by the market rules a system and industry relevant operation specification. Equipped with good condition, complete procedures vehicle, execute responsibility to transport, ensuring the quality of transport, particularly to the preparation of a special device suitable for transport or other special equipment.

Four is the loan recovery. The rest of the money all the recycling is a distributor of desire, is the distribution center of logistics activities following the purchase logistics, warehousing, transportation, installation and after the last link, is the most important one link. If front of the work ( especially the installation ) all do, then the payment full recovery should not be a problem. But inevitably there are very few customers in the quality of the product itself and service of each link without a problem of malicious arrears of all or part of the payment, this also to the delivery personnel quality and the methods to deal with the problem put forward higher requirements.