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The furniture industry more compression cost gradually high channel war is going to start shooting

In recent years, the furniture consumption has obvious consumption trend, people begin to pursue the personality, comfortable, healthy, environmental protection, intelligent products and services. In the part of maturity of the regional market, the values of the plurality and personalized way of life has begun, this brand furniture growth created huge space. On the other hand, the manufacturing cost is increasing, market rents rising force furniture brand through market segments, channel expansion, for the development of their own road.

Experts said, in short, in 2012 the real estate sales growth in 5%, by the real estate sales growth is lower than the potential growth rate; over time, the next five years the Chinese furniture industry is still in the growth medium, expected growth rate of 22%-24% composite. In this period, with the dealer level continuously improve the position, and develop the traditional channel store rent, store operation costs continue to rise considerably, furniture business entity distribution channels are facing the challenge of high cost, without the brand and brand force low manufacturers capital difficulty to increase, while the brand furniture enterprises have sufficient resources and the funds for the expansion of channels. The channel is strong strong enterprises," channel is the king" the concept is in sadly arisen.

In the expansion of channels, have been marketed as " really the German" hundred furniture lead force. In 2011 September, the top 100 international home furnishing store in the Big Bell Temple in Plaza grand opening, a hundred out of home furnishing stores channel first stand-alone stores, in addition to will exhibit a hundred subordinate all products, will also show 100 agents of various international home furnishing brands.

Insiders said, the top 100 international home furnishing store opened a blend of various international brands, furniture and soft one-stop-shop, all products by 100 furniture sales agent of the new model. Mode of this kind of innovation is reflected in three aspects: firstly, it satisfies the customer overall furniture soft loading design one-stop shopping demand; secondly, it will be for each brand, each product line with the last" passport", to ensure that every piece of imported products are good; third, it innovative use of 3D technology, set up a " five space", customers can experience the future home before decorate collocation effect. Top 100 international home furnishing store opening, for other brands of furniture to channel expansion set a good example.

In addition to the top 100 international home furnishing store the" independent shop", strong furniture will also be looking to the field of electronic commerce, electronic commerce is a kind of" future sales of new models, in which the enterprise inside share will be increasing with time. My initial feeling is, if electronic business affairs to do so, may account for the turnover of say 1/3, then a few years into the 50%, a few years or even higher." For this emerging channels, strong furniture head Chen Xiaotai clearly has to be prepared for.