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The 2012 Guangzhou international furniture exhibition opening soon

The 2012 China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair ( civil furniture exhibition highlights )

China industry -- from Zhejiang, Guangdong barometer, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Shandong, Beijing and throughout the country the important base of the furniture industry representative enterprise collective appearance, each shows special prowess.

International brand convergence -- from the United States, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Portugal, France, Russia, Canada, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and other well-known brands exhibitors.

A one-stop business trade exhibition platform -- held" in home furnishing" exhibition, including civilian modern furniture, civil furniture, outdoor furniture and leisure products, home furnishing accessories and supplies, home textile and accessories and other products series.

Concerned about the local design -- Exhibition held in the same period of the "fourth home furnishing design exhibition", to promote the furniture industry from" made in China" to" created in China" upgrade.

Information release platform -- various live forums and lectures for merchants to provide the most direct industry information, so that customers get and expert face-to-face communication opportunities.

230000 implementation business exhibition trade integration

The twenty-ninth China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair - furniture exhibition will be 230000 square meters of the large scale, modern furniture and classic furniture around the two core subjects, show, released the latest products and information. Civilian modern furniture will continue to scientific planning exhibition area, to introduce more new enterprises exhibitors, deduce all flowers bloom together. Fashion with high grade home furnishing style, leading the trend of modern furniture. Civil classical furniture will be through the European classical, American classical, neoclassical three professional exhibits zoning, more systematic display of different styles of classical furniture fashion. Boutique convergence, for you to create the integration of trade, exhibition and exchange center!

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