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This year also rose 10% to buy furniture, furniture should be as early as possible

In 2011, the furniture industry average of about 10%, and this year the furniture prices continue to rise, Guangdong Provincial Furniture Association Chairman Wang Ke told reporters, home furnishing industry this year and last year estimated or equivalent, while the time node will be in the "five one" before and after the.

Guangdong furniture sales

By 14.3% in advance

Although the 2012 home furnishing industry still was warming trend in home furnishing industry in Guangdong Province, but this year the total sales will increase further, compared with last year, will increase at 14.3% levels.

According to the Guangdong Province Association home incomplete estimates, in 2011, the furniture industry in our province a total output value of 280000000000 yuan, accounting for the total 27.7%, grow 14.3% compared to the same period, 5 years average increasing rate of 15%. Furniture sales total about 182000000000 yuan, an increase of 18.2%, accounting for the total domestic sales of 24.4%.

Customs data show, last year my furniture exports amounted to 14930000000 U.S. dollars, an increase of 10.4%, accounting for 38.4% of the total exports. The above two indicators continue occupies the leading position.

In the international economic situation is not stable, domestic real estate control continued under the influence of this year, home furnishing industry development situation is still grim, to small company, now is the test of the survival ability, large corporations, the test is the ability of development. But experts predict, the furniture industry in our province this year will reach 320000000000 yuan output value, an increase of 14.3%, of which exports grew by about 8%, domestic sales growth of 18%.

Cost pressure rises in price

Look from the surface, last year furniture industry rises in price product is not much, but a careful analysis of the discount changes, you will find the price rises. "The first time since twenty percent off, but by the end of the year, probably only ten percent off last year, down conversion, in Guangdong furniture or approximately in 10%," said Wang ke.

But in fact, this year the rising momentum has not stopped.

" Human cost rise too quickly", in accepting the Yangcheng Evening News reporter the interview, Wang Ke said, manpower cost is the fastest rising portion, from the furniture industry situation, this year are up 15%.

Home furnishing holike general manager Zhan Mianyang said, some good mechanic, wage rises up to about 20%.

Wang Ke, while rising and circulation costs, not only fuel rise in price, and warehouses, shopping malls rent overall also increased slightly, timber prices are rising trend.

Zhan Mianyang told the reporters, the last timber prices in 5%-10%, and Wang Ke thinks this year wood prices will remain Puzhang, especially imports of timber, because each country for protect environment considerations, have reduced lumber exports, which come from Europe, America, Africa and other timber prices continue to rise significantly trend.

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