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Chinese furniture: classical beauty through the years

Undoubtedly, the new Chinese style is a product of advancing with the times, is both dependent on modern furniture simple, and miss childhood grandmother home, gave the new Chinese furniture has a huge space. Chinese furniture is often based on natural, such as wood, stone, especially wood, since ancient times has Chinese style is plain symbol. Bright frequent use, glass, stainless steel and wood, the appropriate mix of rock, making the overall decorative effect more spiritual, let the classical beauty through years, lingering around us in living color.

A living room.

An eye-catching accessory desalination dignified living room is to show home furnishing style window. New Chinese style of the living room is not the pursuit of a richly ornamented building, the walls can be four white landing, without excessive decoration. And the classical style is mated to the three chairs, lamps, ceramics, wood windows. Other furniture such as sofa, tea table, interval, can continue to take the " minimalist" road, while the use of brightly coloured small parts, swap space gives a person the sense of compression, desalination dignified feeling. In addition, in the living room with a vigorous calligraphy calligraphy pen can cause the room elegant flavor, acme, make originally narrow space appears atmosphere, open.


Antique furniture interesting to modern approach to the interpretation of classical Chinese style decorative elements, Chinese style and modern style of having an antique flavour of simple but elegant natural cohesion, so that life and the relevance of the ancient Zen pursuit satisfied at the same time: in the pale light, carefully custom-made antique furniture and accessories, sofa wall yellow wallpaper with milk white straight line sofa together and red and yellow shades. Restaurant and living room in the space is divided by the Zen with actual situation, art glass partition with not much, if any light design.


Appropriate blank more ancient either master bedroom, guest bedrooms or study, no more furniture and miscellaneous function area, rather than a room, so that it is a recreation area. Only in the blank place for study or chat with the chair and table, elegant life suddenly as the shadow follows the form of ancient Chinese scholars. If collocation delicate carved desk and window Lohan bed, can create a kind of Chinese traditional cultural accumulation; and with simple lines, with modern temperament bed, it is like to the visual space, let a bedroom personality. In the twilight of the light sleep area of a palace lantern, learned, the flavor is self-evident.