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Classical furniture and fashion

With the improvement of life quality, people need not only home can provide comfortable, safe and free, and more closely follow the trend of hope, with elegant taste and keen to fashion-aware. Chinese classical furniture in Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture is a delegate, it sets the classical Chinese traditional culture and traditional arts in one, reflects the Chinese home furnishing culture unique temperament. It has a long history of traditional Chinese classical furniture shake off the historical dust, become fashionable white-collar family favorite, formed a classical furniture trend, bring people a don't have feeling rhyme.

From at the beginning of this year since, retro and vintage wind in the furniture industry has been shown most incisive. Antique mahogany furniture and antique mahogany furniture has now returned to the stage and furniture, people gradually pay more attention to. Chinese classical furniture beauty in sound, it is smooth structure lines and material itself texture and color, can be very good to highlight master humanistic temperament and personality interest, therefore, in particular by go up century 50 ~ 60 was born in the successful personage love.

Classical furniture contains the rich history and culture of the Chinese nation, category rich cultural connotation, has a long history, from the palace of special car, car, desk, chair, case, screen, pier, to people using the screens, cabinets, television cabinets, display cabinets, wardrobe, Dubbo Pavilion, has formed a complete Chinese classical furniture production system. " The old furniture classical furniture" Gu and the aesthetic pursuit of modern advocating reality together, complement each other, make modern people's home furnishing life.