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Effects of wooden furniture quality 5 factors

1 natural beauty

Because no two are exactly the same tree, two pieces of exactly the same material, so that each product will have it the one and only features, natural wood properties, such as mineral line, color and texture changes, pin section, resin bags and other natural marks, make furniture more rich natural beauty.

2 temperature effect

Just cut wood moisture content exceeds 50%, in order to put such a wood processing furniture, need to carefully drying wood with its moisture content is reduced to a certain degree, in order to ensure that the final product to adapt to the majority of families of the relative temperature.

However, with the changes of temperature in the house, wooden furniture will still continue with air water exchange, just as your skin, wood is porous, encounter dry air from water and shrink. Similarly, when the relative temperature rises, wood will absorb enough moisture and slightly expanded, however these slight natural changes will not affect the furniture fixed and durability.

3 the influence of temperature difference

Temperature of 18 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees, relative to the temperature 35%-40%, wood furniture ideal place, please avoid furniture placed in proximity to the heating or air conditioning place, changes in temperature can lead to any furniture parts damage, at the same time, the humidifier, the fireplace or stove use also may cause the premature furniture aging.

4 expansion effect

In a damp environment, solid wood drawer front will expand and become difficult to open and close. A simple solution is in the drawer edge and the bottom slide smearing wax or wax. If the humidity is long time remained high, can consider to use dehumidifiers, when the air becomes dry and some, opening and closing the drawer can be natural.

5 Effects of photoperiod

Don't let furniture long-term exposure to direct sunlight, continuous exposure, ultraviolet light on the surface of the coating to produce fine cracks or cause discoloration, black. We suggest that our furniture from direct sunlight and removed, and when necessary by the curtain to block the light. However, some species of wood will over time become darker nature, these changes are not of quality defects of products, but a normal phenomenon.