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Metal furniture and maintenance points for attention

Aluminum furniture can not be placed in damp place, otherwise easy to rust, and even lead to plating peeling off. Chrome plated film such as tawny web blotch, often wipe with neutral oil,

Can prevent its extension expansion. If there are rust, usable cotton silk or brush dipped in oil on rust, a few seconds later reciprocating cleaning, rust removal, absolutely not available sanding. Usually not chrome furniture in chromium layer is coated with a layer of rust-proof, put in dry place.

Titanium furniture

The real quality of titanium furniture is not rusty, but had less contact with water, often with a dry cotton silk or cloth wipe, in order to maintain the bright and beautiful.

Plastic furniture

Spray furniture such as dirt, can be used wet cotton wipe with a dry cloth to wipe, pay attention not to retain water.

Use key points should be paid attention to

No matter what kind of coating metal furniture, when move to light-light, avoid clash; should avoid to touch hard metal, such as a fruit knife, key, so as to avoid scratching. Folding when not too fierce, ensure the folding part is not damaged.

In fact, the most common summer furniture materials are wood, iron, rattan, bamboo, plastic. Wooden furniture, needless to say, we are familiar with; iron furniture not only visually cool effects, also feels feel cool in summer, it is the best feeling; bamboo rattan furniture is more fresh and natural, simple and elegant, cool and pleasant, the most suitable for summer use.