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Panel furniture into the mainstream market

With the advent of summer, the home industry is entering a traditional hard-mounted off-season, but the accompanying furniture, soft loading, lighting consumption ushered in the peak. According to the survey, the proportion of soft furniture, fitted consumption in recent years, consumer complaints and consumer disputes in the entire renovation process has increased.

Recently, the furniture, the concept of "zero formaldehyde" attracted the attention of the media and consumers. Although the industry has been to clarify the "zero formaldehyde" is only a concept of speculation, but it puts a series of questions by the panel furniture has once again raised the concerns of consumers.

Throughout the market found that the consumption of solid wood furniture market is popular all the way, but because the prices are generally high, so many consumers are still relatively affordable price of the plate furniture.

A panel furniture store sales staff said that, although mahogany, solid wood furniture to be hot, but several times higher than the price of the plate, mainly for high-end consumer groups. The majority of consumers still buy the furniture plate-based, especially for the young consumer groups. Panel furniture is light, simple, vibrant style more in line with the characteristics of young people.

Hundred international home President Chen Xiao, too, said the panel furniture in addition to the prices are relatively solid wood furniture is cheaper, its color and texture to rely mainly on the effect of the veneer, so this changes a lot, you can give a variety of different feelings in the shape there are a lot of changes in the design, the range of options, the material is not easy to deformation, the combination of components is usually all kinds of metal hardware assembly and disassembly are very convenient. Because of these advantages, panel furniture is especially favored by consumers.

China National Furniture Association, Zhu Changling, said the panel furniture will still be the mainstream furniture market in the next few years.

Although the panel furniture remained the mainstream position, but consumers have a lot of opinions. An optional set of panel furniture, Mr. Chang complained: "The design of furniture and a dozen years ago, it is not innovative, it touches a lot more expensive." I also found that in addition to design a single, and stores inside upholstered furniture, solid wood furniture compared to panel furniture discount more, a variety of specials, sample promotional package of promotional and other concessions the form of endless, panel furniture to consumers caused crude, low impression., ,