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Children's furniture GB will be out of business action consumer unconscious

In August 2012, China’s first children’s furniture national standard "children’s furniture general technical conditions" will be formally implemented, the introduction of this standard will be the end of the status quo of the subject of children and adults, a combination of furniture country. , Xiao Bian visited Chongqing found that a lot of children’s furniture brand and not much "action", and even children’s furniture brand salesperson is not aware of this standard, the most random interviews with consumers also said that on the children furniture new national standard and knowledge.

Businesses no action
July 7, the reporter went to Chongqing is located in North Central Meikailong. Visited the children’s furniture market, reporters found that the majority of children’s furniture store brand and not because of the introduction of new standards and any "action", and even a lot of children’s furniture brands are not involved in the day Meikailong buy activities.

Reporters in a children’s furniture stores to see a selection of children’s furniture for her daughter to one pair of husband and wife. They told reporters that Redstar today buy activities, thinking about children’s furniture brand in North Red Star should also participate in the activities of store promotions buy much earlier learned from the media, so early in the morning drove up .

But the couple is disappointed that the majority of children’s furniture stores are not involved in this promotion. So, the part of children’s furniture stores compared to other promotional business quiet as a lot only a few parents to buy for the children, some children’s furniture brand store and even the salesperson did not see, it is deserted.

When it comes to decoration room for the baby, the couple said they particularly focus on environmental and safety. Selection of the nose and smell, also requires businesses to provide the inspection report. Meanwhile, in the purchase of furniture shape, but also pay special attention to try to select some of the desk, bedside cabinets without sharp edges and corners of furniture. However, the reporter mentioned a new standard for children’s furniture, the couple also did not know. When a reporter told the couple, the new standard for formaldehyde indicators of children’s furniture, environmentally safe as well as the specific rules of the sharp edges and corners of furniture, the couple said he was delighted, and said in August, will come back "supervision" of the "action" of the business.

Consumers do not have awareness
This year is the Year of the Dragon, and many couples are rushing to give birth to a baby dragon in this auspicious year. So for this group is about to layout the children’s room, or has been working on the "parents" of children in room layout, whether they know the standard? They think about this standard? To this end, the reporter interviewed several side is about to parents or parents of consumers.

An interview with reporters, the majority of consumers said they had not heard that the implementation of this standard, but this standard implementation of a supportive attitude. In the face of an array of children’s furniture brand, many consumers only through brand reputation, as well as to large formal mall can be rest assured to buy.

One itself to do the decoration industry, just when the father of consumers in an interview with reporters, said: "for children’s furniture, or I to choose their own plate choice made; second, or I will buy where to buy in the store has placed samples of furniture of the period of time. formaldehyde volatile period a few months, purchase a sample for the new phase, the harm to the child less. "However, for most any home improvement experience of parents, children furniture how to buy Shun is still a major problem.

Consumers want the implementation of the new children’s furniture standard to allow consumers to truly feel at ease to buy.,