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Has become an inevitable trend in classical Chinese furniture revival

Mahogany sales in the spring and summer into the off-season, mahogany enterprises will enter a period of consolidation during this time. To open outlets, upgrade the hall, staff training, etc. Wood in the correction of the work. Upgrade the hall as the drama of the big mahogany heavy head in the Chinese classical furniture "- Xianyou grand stage. However, in the country, the quality, taste and standards of the Chinese design agency is good and bad, can not be achieved to enable them to a satisfactory level. Chinese design in the Western and the trend of the survival status in the end how? When the arrival of the Chinese renaissance?

Lost Chinese
At the moment many people often face such troubles: home elders birthday party, friends and family will be presented some traditional paintings, framed up, but do not know where to be placed. Curse of Europe and the United States wind blowing from the skyscrapers of the city to the country’s exquisite cabin. Ancient courtyards, unusual lanes, has nowhere else to seek. The roll of the Book of Songs, one axis of old paintings, a Twenty-Four Histories, the placement of the home, looked out of place, and finally only the shelf.

Classical admiration of thing, no place to go even in the modern bedroom. Chinese in the end what we have to ask?

In the second decade of the new century, China’s economic development the world’s attention, to become one of the fastest growing countries, the world’s most central economic circle, with one of the strongest currencies on the planet. Behind in a number of honor, we just hardware, real soft power discourse is still hovering vulgar.

Classical Chinese furniture revival to become an inevitable trend
Nowadays prevalent in interior design, in addition to the strong wind outside of Europe and the United States, to promote Chinese design brands, a lot of time just wears a mask of a Chinese-style, simply copy the extension to write some Chinese classical elements, the lack of some of the Shen Yun on the inside essence. The design concept, color, materials selection, very "European", is difficult to reflect the taste of the "Chinese design".

Chinese-designed missing, not only confused, mahogany practitioners encounter all the regret of the people-loving traditional culture. Beginning of this article describes those businesses to upgrade the furniture showroom, they encounter the confusion lies in a pile of Chinese design that they really want is not a simple substance and symbols superimposed, but the original flavor of restrained elegance: they either show a long time attachment, or map out the quiet classical sensibility, or the unique charm of the advocates of Oriental culture. Mahogany, they introduced as the most representative of one of the country and Crafts Art, denotation and connotation are very important, a piece of furniture into the right context, in order to have the spirit.

Perhaps, now lost, and not just Chinese design, there are people on the traditional culture of indifference and away., ,