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Private custom mahogany furniture has become the trend of the times

"With the continuous improvement of people’s living standard, the ’private custom?way of life gradually rise and become the new rich class to highlight one of the ways of their own taste and value." July 8, a Beijing classic home staff in the Beijing Exhibition Museum organized the 2012 sixth China (Beijing) International mahogany antique furniture exhibition, says in an interview with the rise of the new generation of social backbone for high-quality, personalized lifestyle needs have become increasingly prominent, mahogany Furniture private custom followed popular.
"Private custom of concern
Nowadays, Apple has become the arcade, the manual one, filled with the LV and Hermes bag, shake the majority of the rich when the eye was stinging, what can keep they gradually lose their individuality? Only one answer - private custom.

"We chose ’private custom? mainly because of those mahogany furniture products are not suitable for home design and decoration style." An audience Lee from Beijing, told reporters, in fact, custom mahogany furniture, more vitality, more cultural connotations.

Learned from the exhibition site, the "private custom consumer groups are upper-class high-end people, their career success, distinctive, aesthetic ability and higher ability to pay, a higher understanding of the customized consumption.

A condition of anonymity, the industry believes that every one "private custom mahogany furniture has not copy the artistry and vitality, with great appreciation. Private custom, but also consumers one of the psychological maturity of investment performance.

Insiders said that the domestic private custom market is not yet fully mature, and show off their wealth to become a private custom deep psychological needs of the market at this stage of development. But the mahogany furniture, private custom market have an echo effect, a customer will bring two new customers, two new customer will bring to four the updated customer, this is the trend of the future direction of development of mahogany furniture.

Companies are targeting large customers "For us, there are 5 billion to 10 billion yuan in assets and is not a big customer, the real high-end customers with more than one hundred billion yuan of assets, they are the private real buyers of custom furniture." antique furniture, chairman Shaoxiang Wen said.

It is understood that in the second half of 2011, custom mahogany furniture, people began to increase. At present, some enterprises, 30 percent of sales come from private custom.

To this end, many companies began targeting the market of "private custom mahogany furniture. If you select "Private custom, from selection to the style of design, production can be carried out in accordance with the requirements of customers, some businesses to hire a designer can design different styles of furniture for customers in accordance with the customers home decoration style.

Companies will face more challenges "’Private custom?is a prelude and indicate to the luxury of mahogany furniture, business opportunities, it also brings more challenges." Industry sources have told reporters that the choice of custom furniture customers tend to be more critical own for mahogany row and even invited experts, requiring rework is often the case.

Had repeatedly asked to modify the design experience of 14 directors of a furniture there, but this process never make him feel frustrated, the contrary, he put this experience as a rare opportunity for a dialogue with the high-end, as constantly to the classic close to the process. Want to do high-end private custom furniture, he summed up the four words - tirelessly. He believes that private custom market competitiveness of enterprises is mainly reflected in the promotional tactics. Grade promotion from the level of spiritual life to a depth touches the nerve of consumers, products of high quality, high complexity, high degree of manual production as an affirmation of aesthetic taste and dignity of personality, and even individual This is the need to think about each of the practitioners.,