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Paper furniture, the rise of recycled environmentally friendly furniture right red

Speaking of domestic industry, resource conservation, recycling of used furniture is an important problem. It is understood that, with the furniture elimination cycle is getting shorter every year there are countless old furniture processing, some discarded, some into the flea market, recycling rarely. With the rise of the "paper" furniture, recycling, environmentally friendly furniture has been more widespread concern in the community. "Paper" furniture is popular to do with "paper" furniture for many people is indeed a novelty, however, industry experts pointed out that if the technology to use in place, "paper furniture can be very tricky. Park in some major cities in the creative industries, the paper often made up of the original furniture products in the sale, they are often in the form of tables and chairs, shelves, or lockers. Special material, the shape a bit, even if it is a considerable reputation in the domestic original furniture. According to insiders, the paper can be achieved through structural design of load-bearing function and traditional furniture, traditional furniture while the weight of 20% to 30%; and paper can be recycled 15-17 times, can be recycled, energy saving and environmental protection. For example, the current "honeycomb paper furniture is produced according to the nature honeycomb structure principle, this honeycomb paper furniture internal fill a strong material support efforts, durability is also high, many furniture manufacturers are using. Ikea to buy paper storage box, Mr. Yuan said, "I bought at IKEA several paper storage box These boxes not only the design is simple and light green." Ms. Yin said, IKEA public relations manager, " IKEA paper storage box is 90% recycled material, it is easy to clean, simply use a damp cloth on the line. "

"Paper" furniture "fly"

Some time ago, popular concern about the original paper, furniture, in the 17th Shanghai Furniture Fair "honeycomb paper furniture for its energy saving and environmental protection, with less material, light weight, low cost exception to steal the spotlight. Industry experts point out that if the excellent raw materials, technological processes in place, the paper furniture can be very tricky. Paper honeycomb composite board with a light weight, easily deformed, easy transportation advantages. European furniture and door industry for more than 80% of the inner door for cellular composite doors, furniture plate is more than most 20mm thickness of honeycomb composite plate. A brand’s sales staff told the author that "honeycomb cardboard internal filling material for making furniture is a major feature of this way of making savings of both plates, but also to reduce the furniture weight, easier shaping and transport, benefits a lot. Technical improvements and upgrades, this honeycomb paper furniture internal fill a strong material support efforts, durability is also high, many furniture manufacturers are using. Experts have pointed out, "Honeycomb Cardboard" is actually more suitable for thick countertops and a thick slab furniture bookcases, etc. used to do, can not only save 10% -15% of the cost, can solve the chronic problem of thick plates is not easy shaping and transport difficulties . "Honeycomb paperboard furniture require the introduction of specialized equipment and technology, so the original is not low production costs. Therefore, not suitable for sheet furniture used closet or small lockers, etc., otherwise it will increase costs, higher prices than do sheet metal.

"Paper" furniture "green"
Replaced with honeycomb paperboard sheet as a filler structure, made into a practical furniture products, corrugated board "loading capacity, and therefore more suitable for making into the design works. We often see the original furniture store paper seat, paper storage is satisfied that the box "," small-size paper bookcase products, most made of corrugated board. It is reported that the furniture completely ordinary recyclable corrugated, simple fabrication, without decoration, simply cropped loaded group and the bonding will be able to molding, it has excellent environmental performance. To abandon the "wood" all "paper" to make furniture, and undoubtedly is to reduce pollution in the most direct approach. In addition, the corrugated furniture designed to clever use of the principles of mechanics, so that it has sufficient strength. Wood pulp composition to ensure that the raw material of more than 90%, high density, but also help to mold moisture hurdle paper furniture.

According to my understanding, the paper household goods more convenient to recycle, because the paper is also taken from the timber. Paper, furniture, environmental Where is it embodied? First, the paper can be achieved through structural design of load-bearing function and traditional furniture, and the weight is only 20% to 30% of the traditional furniture, and paper can be recycled 15-17 times, can be recycled, which is the saving of natural resources, in addition paper recycling and reuse is a very mature technology, but the old furniture is difficult to recycle, even if recycled, can also cause high energy consumption. In addition, compared with traditional furniture, the cost of paper furniture is not low, but relative to the brand, the design of traditional furniture, paper, furniture, or low-cost price is much lower. At present, a good paper furniture bearing at least 50 kg.

"Paper" furniture to meet the individual needs of
The industry believes that in shape, paper furniture in terms of style design or use of color can be solid wood furniture, rattan furniture, bamboo furniture and other comparable, both vintage and modern design, functional and elegant. Younger generation of consumers on the market today become the main demand of the paper furniture object, therefore, most of the "paper" furniture designer will be based on a higher frequency of this part of the population to move, like the changing, more requirements on the creativity of life selling point, design paper, furniture, both in shape or design thinking will be breaking the market-oriented shackles, outstanding personality and creativity. At the same time, the expensive "paper" furniture is basically all handmade, so it can help to create a personalized single product. In addition, the furniture of the "paper" because of the flexibility to split and combination of free color and makes the display to reflect the different character in different families, fight stack can be placed at random, are also free to graffiti and so on. The author believes that the "paper" for making furniture no longer a fantasy, but also advance the concept of non-floating on the surface. Whether it is "corrugated furniture, furniture or honeycomb paper as an internal filling structure can save the sheet and reduce pollution. Advocates everywhere, energy saving and environmental protection today, a huge waste of resources and pollution of the furniture industry is long overdue wondering how to use paper material for furniture, in order to reduce the environmental hazards caused by extensive use of sheet., ,