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Foreign high-end furniture, high-profile force

Recently, the trend of the international high-end household brands to enter the Chinese market, still in high-profile, fast-pace of the way in the public eye. In the situation of the global financial crisis, the potential of the high-end consumer the ability to become the bright future of their value. To enter the process, the culture of the high-end consumer cognitive ability of Chinese consumers, has become the first priority for these brands.Modern Classic Furniture China Furniture Designer Furniture bauhaus Furniture shenzhen Furniture china Furniture suppliers Metal Furniture Leather Furniture Fabric Furniture Wooden Furniture Glass Furniture Fiberglass Furniture Acrylic Furniture Eames Office Furniture Eames Office Chair Artichoke lamp Barcelona Chair Eames Lounge Chair Egg Chair Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table Womb Chair Tulip Table Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa Eames Aluminum Office Chair Swan Chair Knoll Sofa LEM Piston Stool Ball Chair Eames Low Back Softpad Chair Chaise Lounge Chair Saarinen tulip oval dining table Bubble Chair Tulip Chair Eames Style Aluminum Office Chair Eames Softpad High Back Office Chair Le Corbusier LC3 Sofa Barcelona Daybed Corona chair Panton Chair Charles And Ray Eames Office Chair Kubus Sofa Barcelona Bench Eames stool Marshmallow sofa Eileen Gray End Table Basculant Chair LC1 Eames High Back Mesh Office Chair Nelson Platform Bench Eames Side Chair Eames La Chaise Barcelona Coffee Table Eames Low Back Aluminum Office Chair-Mesh Tulip Armchair Wassily Chair Eames plywood dining chair PH Artichoke PH lamp

Embassy boost foreign brands to enter China
Recently, Danish furniture brand FitzHansen in the Embassy brand promotion, the Danish Embassy Commercial Counsellor attend. On October 26, the British Embassy has also held British furniture brand promotion. The British Ambassador Fan Siming personally enter the Chinese market to promote its high-end furniture. In the course of foreign furniture brands to enter the Chinese market, more and more high-scale trend, constantly compelling.

Compared with middle and low furniture has huge profit margins because of the high price, more than ten million or even hundreds of thousands, hundreds of million of a set of high-end furniture. According to the China National Furniture Association Zhu Changling, 1-8 months of this year, the Chinese furniture industry imports reached $ 1.5 billion, an increase of 7% over the same period last year. Chinese market the transaction value of the imported furniture has shown an increasing trend.

According to insiders, the international high-end brands to enter the Chinese market, generally in the country of origin States has a good influence on the market and high-end consumer groups. It is reported that Europe has 200 furniture brands to enter the Chinese market. Moreover, foreign furniture brands to enter China and more and more with the help of the Embassy of the country of origin and referrals.

Domestic distributors of British ArthurBrett brand of Jiaying Xuan director of Gold Coast, said: "furniture brand promotion activities held at the Embassy also hard to come by, as far as we know, after the British embassy only carried Rolls-Royce brand activities WilliamWesley such level."

The value of the spending power of the Chinese market
Danish furniture brand FitzHansen, have not yet set foot in the Chinese market, but the Chinese market confidence. The the brands head of Frederik of FitzHansen introduced with the foreign large-scale furniture brands to enter the Chinese market, China's current high-end furniture spending power, has a broad development scenarios. "Although the market consumption is very small, but I believe the Chinese people's consumption concept is gradually changing, this is definitely a potential market."

The Jiaying Xuan director of Gold Coast began to value the spending power of the Chinese, Russian, Arab and South American countries, with the outbreak of the international financial crisis, the international furniture brands. In this process, the brand of high-end furniture market shuffle slowly began. "We did the real estate business, nearly a decade of visits for foreign high-end furniture brand, we believe that the domestic furniture market as a whole does not give a high-end furniture brand what impact, on the contrary, I believe that this The spending power of the market segments have been rising. "

It is super comfortable international home public relations manager cell, the spending power of domestic products for high-end furniture, most comes from the cutting-edge, high-end consumer groups. They had to live in a foreign country or study abroad, advocating fine, low-key, especially handmade products, and even some consumers overseas procurement. They are familiar with the products of these brands, the main consumers of these "foreign goods".

Gold Coast, said: "Chinese consumers lack of consumer awareness in the field of high-end consumer, I have come across many social upper class consumers, home to tens of millions of luxury, but very general furnishings furniture With foreign high end furniture products enter, they slowly began to acknowledge and accept, I believe people will cultivate consumer habits, to accept the good things. "
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