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Furniture, wood products export enterprises to actively respond to the EU green threshold

Deal with the EU "green the threshold" furniture wood products export enterprises to set off a "green wave"

The furniture industry, China's exports of light industrial products on behalf of the industry, but also the "Made in China" to enter the European market, one of the main. However, information from the 112th session of the Canton Fair is being held, the new environmental protection rules of the EU's imminent implementation of the wood products may cause a new "green threshold, furniture and wood products industry exports under the impact. The good news is that a lot of Chinese furniture and wood products business is through the transformation and upgrading, and the introduction of high-tech, across the This Road "threshold".Modern Classic Furniture China Furniture Designer Furniture bauhaus Furniture shenzhen Furniture china Furniture suppliers Metal Furniture Leather Furniture Fabric Furniture Wooden Furniture Glass Furniture Fiberglass Furniture Acrylic Furniture Eames Office Furniture Eames Office Chair Artichoke lamp Barcelona Chair Eames Lounge Chair Egg Chair Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table Womb Chair Tulip Table Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa Eames Aluminum Office Chair Swan Chair Knoll Sofa LEM Piston Stool Ball Chair Eames Low Back Softpad Chair Chaise Lounge Chair Saarinen tulip oval dining table Bubble Chair Tulip Chair Eames Style Aluminum Office Chair Eames Softpad High Back Office Chair Le Corbusier LC3 Sofa Barcelona Daybed Corona chair Panton Chair Charles And Ray Eames Office Chair Kubus Sofa Barcelona Bench Eames stool Marshmallow sofa Eileen Gray End Table Basculant Chair LC1 Eames High Back Mesh Office Chair Nelson Platform Bench Eames Side Chair Eames La Chaise Barcelona Coffee Table Eames Low Back Aluminum Office Chair-Mesh Tulip Armchair Wassily Chair Eames plywood dining chair PH Artichoke PH lamp

During the fair, many businesses appear green, environmentally friendly products to be able to allow enterprises to get the long-term competitiveness in the future, to increase the share of exports of environmental protection, low-carbon products, and will adjust the structure of export commodities in China and enhance its international competitiveness in the market an important means.

Orders short of export cold case

Guangdong is China's furniture export center. From Guangzhou Customs statistics show that in the first three quarters of this year, Guangdong exported furniture and parts thereof of $ 11.35 billion, a year-on-year growth of 4.7%. In September, Guangdong exported furniture was $ 1.4 billion, a year-on-year growth of 22.8%. China Light Industry Association vice president Li Wenfeng an interview with reporters, also said the total furniture exports year-on-year increase of 30% from a nationwide perspective.

Although the data starts to turn for the better, but many exhibitors still feel the cold. "This year the number of buyers of the hall than expected, but after a lot of people to consult, say to wait to go back and evaluating before deciding whether to order." Guangzhou fruit Jing office furniture Co., Ltd. Hongda, Deputy General Manager of the Housing Fair this year The achievements heart is not the end.

In addition, there are many exhibitors furniture and wood products business reflected in this year's trade with the company prior to the first half of this year, frequent business contacts European customers very seldom orders.

Green threshold of a new regulatory order emerges

Orders are cutting compared to Europe and the United States continue to improve the environmental requirements of the furniture and wood products business worse.

In the beginning of this year, the U.S. Senate passed a "composite wood products formaldehyde Standards Act, and formally implemented on July 1, reduced again limited release formaldehyde in wood products nationwide sales and wholesale. Subsequently, the European Union also formally adopted in September this year, the regulations for wood and wood products, and new environmental design Directive. This will be March 3, 2013, the implementation of the directive, the enterprise of trying to enter the European market, whether any aspects of timber production processing and marketing chain, must be submitted to the wood source, logging country, species, timber volume and timber The name and address of the supplier confirmed Timber sources of legitimacy, otherwise it will not be sold in the EU market.

How to treat related initiatives in Europe and the United States? Think that some Chinese companies are "green trade barriers", the purpose is to protect its industrial competitiveness, reduce foreign such goods enter; However, in more Chinese enterprises, which is more like a "Green threshold".

"Protecting the environment is a shared responsibility of consumers and businesses to adhere to green, the concept of environmental protection is also a worldwide trend. Production manufacturing country, should bear the corresponding social responsibility I think enterprises have difficulties, but should go from the positive aspects of look at these directives and initiatives. "the person in charge of a wood products business from the Sichuan Wenchuan said.

For Chinese enterprises, Europe and the United States "green threshold pressure mainly reflected incidental costs in developed countries, the concept of environmental protection in developing countries is still in the catch-up process.
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